Play Bowls Victoria is brought to you by Bowls Victoria.

Bowls Victoria is the governing state body for the sport of bowls, and our primary purpose is to grow, develop and nurture Victoria’s most accessible sport.

Bowls Victoria is responsible for governance, events, player development, rules, club services and communications throughout the state. We service over 500-member clubs and over 42,000 registered players, and lead the sport and business of bowls for the benefit of the Victorian bowls community.


Bowls Victoria owns and operate the Victorian Open, Victoria’s marquee bowls tournament, and guide, support, and manage our state team representatives and world champion athletes who represent our sport on the world stage and proudly call Victoria home.

Lawn Bowls offers a unique proposition to participants due to being a sport with few boundaries when it comes to participation. It’s a low impact and non-contact sport suitable for varying levels of physical abilities and cultures, and it’s a game that can be enjoyed at any stage in life, both socially or competitively, in a range of environments.

To learn more about our association, please visit our website www.bowlsvic.org.au