What is a Roll Up Hub Club?

A Roll Up Hub Club is the venue where Roll Up will be held.

Can my club become a Roll Up Hub Club?

Yes, clubs across the state can become a Roll Up hub club. If your club is interested in becoming one please contact Bowls Vic at clareh@bowlsvic.org.au

How do I register to participate in Roll Up?

To register your interest in Roll Up click on the sign-up form on the main Roll Up page.

I play bowls at another club can I still take part?

Yes definitely. Hub clubs are just providing a venue for youth to meet and participate at.

What do I have to wear?

Anything! Feel free to wear your school sport uniform or something easy to move around in. However, you must wear flat sole shoes.

I don’t have bowls is that problem?

Not a problem at all. Your Roll Up hub club can provide junior bowls for you to use during each of the sessions. f you already have your own bowls, you can use those too!

Does it matter that I have never played bowls before?

New bowlers are encouraged to get involved. You’ll be taught the basic skills and rules of bowls to build confidence and a love for the sport.

What is included in the Roll Up starter kit?

Drawstring bag, key ring, pen, bucket hat and drink bottle!



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